American style pizza in Poland...

Hi all, my name is Mateusz and I’m just about to open my little pizza shop with up to 10 seats in and main thing is to take food out.

I can see that here is many people who owns their own business and know up sides and of course down sides.

I’m gonna have double deck electric oven a grill and a fryers.

The question is what god foods I can do with this equipment?

Pizza is the main thing, american style pizza, mutti pizza sauce, galbani mozzarella, meats from well known brand “sokołów”.

Im thinking to do home made fries cutted just before goes to fryer, but I’ve found that they have to fryed twice in different temperature.

What is the proces to do it right in a small pizza place?

Baked potatoes is my another thing to do, any one knows how to prepare jackets to be ready to serve when order comes?

What other stuff do serve in your places?

I’m seeking for ideas for You guys because U know the thing.

Maybe website where I can find information’s abut food proces in a take away shop?

Does any one knows how to get Dominos know how or specs?

Best regards and greetings from cold Poland.


Dziękuje :wink:

Use your pizza dough to make a bread sticks appetizer, here’s one way:

Stretch the dough ball out to the length of the cut board (16”) by gripping it from opposite ends and slowly pulling. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Lay the stretched out dough ball on the cut board and cut the strip in half. Then cut each half in half to yield four quarters. Cut each quarter twice to yield a total of 12 pieces of dough.

Grab each individual strip from near the ends and stretch to a length of 10". Arrange the 12 sticks in a row on a pizza screen. Bake for about 5-6 minutes until they begin to brown. Serve with heated up pizza sauce (and/or cheese sauce, ranch dressing, etc…) for dipping.