America's Best Pizza Parlors

Just saw this on ABC News website…kind of interesting. … d=12056958

I really don’t take much stock in lists like this. Even PMQ has missed great pizza locations because they did not register on Urban Spoon or some other web based list. The other issue is the editors taste may not be the same as my taste when it comes to pizza. A prime example of this difference is the old argument cheese on top or under the toppings. It would be interesting to see what kind of boost in business theses places get because they made the list.


People magazine put Mother Bear’s Pizza on the map in 1982 when it named the pie palace “one of America’s Top 9 Pizzerias.” Decades later, the pepperoni pie is still the best seller at this Bloomington pizzeria. If you’re really hungry, owners Ron McConn and Bruce Storm recommend the Divine Swine piled high with pepperoni, ham, sausage and bacon — their personal homage to the Hoosier State’s pork producers. 1428 E. Third St.; 812-332-4495;

Son of a b…

The one for my state has been open for about all of six months.

I used to ear at Big Ed’s once in while when I worked at a nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, TN. They had a good pizza and a great homey atmosphere. The place was just as much about history as it was about food.


Turns out this was an article in USA Today on Friday. Here I had thought it was one of those internet surveys that no one would ever see.