Ames Business Development

I know this subject was talked about a while back, but we have just been approached by Ames Business Debvelopment to franchise. Perhaps I am just old and suspicious. But I can’t find any references on the net.
Has anyone went with them and what were the results?

No one has stepped up to defend or speak highly for this company. The few comments that were posted were negative.

There’s a link above to “Think Tank Archives”. Do a little search there. I don’t recall there being anything good posted either.

Have been using the Robert Ames Company for over a year and have been quite pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them.

Could not afford to franchise without them. They generated all of the documents for me and even sold two franchise on my behalf during the first ten months of franchising my business. They were professional and efficient. Norm

It has been brought to my attention that Marie and Norman posted from the same computer (check their IPs).

I bring this up in the interest of our users. Would either of you explain?

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Very pleased with their service. Been with them for about 5 months. No complaints. They delivered what they had promised.

Marie is the general manager of my restaurant and has worked with the Ames company throughout the development of my franchise. She wanted to post her experience with the company, as I did mine. Thank you. Norm

Thanks for the input. The guest posted that they had been with Ames for five months and they had delivered on all promises. I am interested in what that entailed.
Norm says they sold two franchises in 10 months. What area is that in?

As per our agreement with the company, they had generated on our behalf the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, our franchise agreement, our marketing package, operations manual and employee handbook. All the documents were in excellent form. Chris

I also was sent a letter by this company. I am attempting to find out as much as I can about them. I spoke with someone there today and they are mailing out a package. Please share your experiences with me at Thanks

Been working with this company for a few months and everthing is going as planned. I have my first franchise in place and looking forward to my next. Chris

I am very skeptical. We can never get them on the phone. They almost never return our phone calls. When they do, it is months later. They are very slow with producing. I got so fed up I actually went to their office that is listed in New York on 8th Ave and it is an answering serivice. To their credit, the answering service told me they have been servicing Ames for 10 years.