amount of cheese on pizza

I know this has been asked before, but can you tell me how much cheese you put on a pizza? We have sizes that run 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch. Also, I used to be able to find a list of previous topics that were talked about here. Can’t find it anymore. Need assistance with that as well. Thanks.

There is no set amount of cheese as the amount for a 12-inch pizza can vary from as little as 3-ounces to as much as 10-ounces, with about 6-ounces as the “norm”. With that said, look around to see what other stores are using, then try to match them, or better them, depending upon your concept. Work out the amount you want to use with one size of pizza, say the 12-inch, then use the surface area of the circle Pi X R squared to calculate the amount of cheese for the other sizes. For example:
12" pizza = 3.14 X 6 (squared) or 3.14 X 36 = 113.04 (call it 113 square inches).
If you use 6-ounces of cheese, then divide 6 by 113 = 0.0530973-ounces of cheese per square inch.
14" pizza = 3.14 X 7 (squared) or 3.14 X 49 = 153.86 (call it 154 square inches).
154 X 0.0530973 = 8.176-ounces (call it 8-ounces).
You can use this for your dough weights, sauce weights, and cheese weights.
Repeat this for each size of pizza and you will keep all of your weights in perfect balance. It even helps in pricing your pizzas too.
For example: A 14-inch pizza is 41-square inches larger than a 12-inch pizza at 113-square inches. So, if we divide 41 by 113, and multiply by 100 we see that a 14-inch pizza is 36% larger than a 12-inch pizza. Based on this, the 14-inch cheese pizza should be selling for 36% more than a 12-inch pizza.
Like our friends up in Canada would say “Pretty slick Ehh”
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Don’t forget, if you use Grande cheese, you can get away with a little as 1 oz on an 18" pizza - because it covers so well.


We have a really handy Pizza Portion Guide available on our website. It is the bottom left button on the Tools & Resources page found at

The guide shows recommended portion sizes (light, moderate & heavy application) of 6-18 inch pizzas for:
* Cheese
* Pizza Sauce
* Pepperoni
* Sausage
* Quarter Pizza Ham
* Quarter Salami
* Bacon Topping
* Taco Meat
* Anchovy
* And many vegetable toppings

This could be a very useful starting tool for new owners. I appreciate your pointing it out. It would be a starting guide, of course, but ofers some basic info to play with.

See. We know you are a vendor and willing to shill your company products at the drop of a hat like the rest of us . . . . but you don’t beat us over the head or drone on and on. You provide some info, insights and some tools. Yeah, Burke is all over the pages you sernt, but we know that before we click the link. I appreciate the way you have been doing business here.

Wow Rachel your website is a “wealth” of information…I know the “Newsletters” are a little out of date, however, the Summer 2007 one has a great article on “Neighbourhood Marketing”…A must read for the folks here…

And I love the flyers you can build and print…And I am a little biased but the same themes and concept would work great on magnets…For a co-op offering…

Thanks Royce,

We spent a lot of time this year redesigning our website to make it as much of a resource as possible.

We added:
*A recipe database which is searchable by Menu Type, Menu Part and Type of Meat (
*Some of our old newsletters available for download and a signup to be on the mailing list if you’re interested (
*A jampacked page of tools and resources ( for operators including:
[list] *Profitability Calculators - to help calculate how your choice of ingredients affect your bottom line
*Meat topping terminology & sizing guide
*Pizza Topping Portion Guide - a great place to start when trying to decide how much of an ingredient to add to a pizza
*POSitive Promotions - a Point-of-sale flyer generator where you can add your own logo and information
*A link to our sponsored Guide to Fully Cooked Meats on
*A link to our sponsored Guide to Pizza Toppings on[/list]
*And, of course, detailed information about each of our products including a full product listing, menu ideas and catalog downloads (

We hope that this information is helpful.


We have a really handy Pizza Portion Guide available on our website. It is the bottom left button on the Tools & Resources page found at /quote]

Thanks Rachel. Great Site. Very helpful. I just signed for your news letter. I’ve been looking for a cheeseburger pizza recipe. I’ll give yours a try


1 OZ of grande on a 18" Pie? That can not be right

That’s just a throwback to a thread from a couple of months ago… Wasn’t it from the guy that swore he knew EVERYTHING about the pizza business because he cooked a few pies at home for his friends? :lol: