Amount Of Space Needed

I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on how many square feet would be needed for 92 seats? Or roughly 17 4 top booths and 6 4 top tables. This is for a quick service concept and doesn’t include the space for restrooms.

Did you check into that? That I know of, if you’re having seating in a restaurant you need to supply restrooms for both men and women… But I guess all states vary.

I may have worded that wrong there will be bathrooms but I was just wondering about the amount of space just for the seating but I guess an estimate for both would be even better.

10 to 15 square feet per seat is an pretty typical range…

Send a PM to George Mills. He sets up restaurant floorplan layouts as part of his business.

Many codes will dictate this information. Have you checked with your codes department?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Maset:

Royce Has the correct estimate but more than just number of seats and the type of seating is involved.

Aisle ways and traffic patterns can dramatically increase the Sq. footage required.

A poor layout of the entire facility can doom an operation to failure.

Are you planing a new facility or expanding an existing operation?

George Mills

We are expanding our present location which is a 1500 sq. ft. carry-out delivery operation. The space next to us is 1700 sq. ft and we would like to use that space for quick service dining.

Hi Maset:

If you will send me a sketch of your new room showing entrance, fire exit, rest room locations and from where servers will enter the room from the kitchen. We will do a seating layout for you. No Charge.

George Mills