Amount of space

I am looking to open a dine-in operation and was hoping someone could give me an idea of how much space I might need. I am thinking 80 seats. I will serve pizzas from a deck oven. Salads,wings,beverages,beer and a few apps. I will have servers. Just looking for a rough estimate. Thanks

I cna’t help you on the square footage required, but after you get an idea of the size you will need, be sure to check with your codes department as many times there is a code calling for X-number of square feet per person or per table.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Trey

I think a very minimum of 2500 better 3000 Sq ft

George Mills

Regardless of how many square feet you have, or the number of seats that your fire regulations may permit, be sure to also check with all the building codes to determine the level at which you will be required to also add a sprinkler system. The determining factor is usually the number of seats approved by the Fire Marshall (or equivelent). Adding sprinklers would be expensive… so if, for example, sprinklers are required after 80 or more seats are approved…you would then simply seek only 79 seats to avoid the added costs. This potential issue is also something that could be discussed with your landlord when reviewing buildout paramaters and rent concessions.

Also check zoning rules for parling requirements … often tied to seating or square footage.