an idea for phone line

I just got Magicjack to use for my fax and credit card line, has anyone used it?
it cuts down at least one line…I also am going to ask my phone compnay today if I can use it as a second line. (if it will roll over to a number that is not theirs.
let me know your experience or ideas

I bought one a while back for my home phone, used it for a bit but now it’s sitting on the shelf. I’m waiting till they get me a “local” number I guess. Just one of my pet “things”.

The sound quality was fine though, no lag, no echo. I’d think for your fax and card line it’s something I’d consider myself when the time comes.

so no local number in your area?
I am going to set it up today, they said that its not long distance if we have the area code but I know there are places I can not call within 317 area code because they are long distance…
I will keep everyone informed.

After a quick look at the website for this product I have come to the conclusion that it is typical voice over IP technology. This means that it it would be subject to the same service issues that have been discussed here before.

I got one a year ago it works great. I use it for my fax and any cross country phone calls same thing no echo or lag. They try to give you a local number but in my case it is a area 30 miles from me still same area code though. But they actually do work great for fax in office well worth the $39 compared to extra phone line charge from phone company for office phone/fax

ok so just got off the phone with at&t and I can keep one line (my main line) and set up to roll over to anyother line I want if its busy. so I could save hundreds if it works I pay 350 a month for 4 lines and dsl.
I am going to try it. I will keep you all informed.
Daddio, what are some of the drawbacks

i saw that magic jack thing on tv… it’s it like $30 for the unit, but no monthly or yearly charge?

These devices work by using your high speed internet service. The internet service providers are not as quick to act on an outage as a telephone service provider. Depending on the type of high speed service you have you could also experience delays due to heavy usage. Like having everyone in town take a shower at the same time will cause a drop in water pressure.

we use DSL through our phone line… the only outage we recieve is when the phone line’s are down, so when the phone’s out, the dsl is also out.
so it’s pretty much the same “up time”

ok, i just read all about it… it’s $40 for the device then after the first year, it’s $20 a year.

Lot cheaper then spending $$ for an extra phone line just for a Data connection line.

Rockstar, let us know how it goes with using it as a voice line… maybe we could all cut our bills down to 1 phone line from AT&T, and 5 “magicjack” lines to roll over to.

I already talked to MagicJack about Busy-Call Forwarding; which in essense is what a Hunt Group is. They said it may be available in the future, but not yet. So, it wouldn’t work with TELCO + multiple magic jacks. In addition, I don’t think you can use multiple MJs in one PC.

I bought a MJ about 6 months ago for home and it works as advertised. I think I’ll bring it into the office and set it up for my fax. Thanks for the idea.

If you need multiple lines, what about Vonage? I use it in my home and have been very happy with it for 3 years now.

Clark Howard ran his nationally aired radio show with vonage for quite some time. He used it for 100’s of incoming calls a day.

Vonage Small Business Premium Unlimited

The Plan:
Vonage’s Small Business Premium Unlimited Plan gives your company everything you need to maximize your savings and productivity for $49.99 a month, including:
Unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and select European countries. See details below.
Dedicated fax line at no additional cost
25 Calling Features like Call Waiting, Voicemail and Caller ID included
Competitive international rates
Money Back Guarantee

You must have a high-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL)
You need a US or Puerto Rico shipping address (no PO boxes)
Once you sign up, we will ship your startup package within 5 business days. To start saving, simply connect your telephone to your high-speed Internet connection using the Vonage phone adapter. Pick up the phone, and use it just like you do today!

Added Benefits
Switch to Vonage and keep your phone number
Vonage has area codes available across the US and in other countries
Telecommute? Travel a lot? Vonage’s phone adapter is small and fully portable, and can be used anywhere there’s a broadband Internet connection
Real time billing information anytime through your Online Account
Quick access to local emergency services with Vonage’s 911 Dialing feature

if you are using a call sequencer, for call waiting & upsell features, Vonage or MJ won’t work, but for an additional fax line it works fine…

one week and and NO problems, i set it up with my phone company and when my second line is busy it rolls over to my magic jack, faxs work great and no problems with cc.
I asked phone company and I could have it hunt for MJ and if its busy it can hunt for a second and a third…
so I may try this and purchase 2 more so far so good though.\ps yes one per computer but i have four pos each with their own computer so we are fine there/

Free thirty day trial going on right now on their website. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the report Rockstar!

Why does one need a phone line for credit card processing if you have a pos which would do it through broadband???

We also use Efax instead of having a fax machine. Therefore we don’t need a phone line, fax machine, toner and paper and just the hassle of dealing with a fax machine – jams, refilling it, etc.

I think it probably just depends on individual store needs. We need to be able to take fax orders but I don’t want my employees to have access to the email account and the internet, but those phone lines are cheap (still a savings to use the majic jack though).

The big savings is if you can use that on extra voice lines. Man, that would be a huge savings.

let us know how it goes Rockstar

You can fix that pretty easily. Have your router block Port 80 and web access will go away but other internet services will continue :slight_smile: You could still use Outlook or some other POP3 mail client to receive your Efaxes; E-mail operates on Ports 25 and 110.

Be careful blocking port 80 - many other “things” use port 80 to communicate - for example many credit card processing packages communicate with your processor via port 80.

If you want to block internet access, get “Internet Lock” at . You can password protect acces to the internet, so you can use it and no one else can.