An independent strikes out at Domino's

Apparently, Domino’s and Pizza Hut in Australia have been quietly shrinking their large pizzas. An independent took them to task.,25197,22899764-36418,00.html

That is too funny!!!

great ad, we should do it here !

Well, I am wondering if PH and D have been quietly shrinking their pizzas to save on food cost in the US…

“It’s disgraceful and frankly un-Australianâ€

the Dominos in my town advertise free delivery everywhere but they charge 2$ for a few years now. Almost feel like reporting them to the better biz bureau

“It’s disgraceful and frankly un-Australianâ€

And we yanks enjoy a good ripoff? Nah, I think we can all agree that they are Satan’s evil spawn.

Actually Eagle Boys aren’t an Independent.

They are a 200+ store franchise that is Australian owned and go head to head with Domio’s and Pizza Hut.

Product and pricing is similar to Domino’s and quality about the same - cr@p.


Oh, well then. Screw them too. :lol:

Now if I ever become a big national chain, I may change my opinion.

A small story along your lines.

A few weeks before my manager left his wife (manages a cut price retail store) ordered pizzas from Domino’s for the staff as they were staying back to hang Christmas decorations.

First thing they were told that delivery would be 1 3/4 hours. The store was less than 1km away, and it was only 5.30pm. They said they would pick up but changed about 15 minutes later to delivery again.

The advertised deal was 2 large pizzas (from) $19.95 delivered. They ordered 10 pizzas (they only do large anyway).

They were charged $19.95 for the first two and then $9.95 per pizza for each other, plus $2.50 for each extra topping or chicken on them, PLUS $3.50 PER PIZZA delivery fee on the remaining 8 pizzas.

When they questioned how they come up with the prices they were told “that’s how it works. The coupon only covers the first 2 pizzas”.

None of this can be found anywhere on the Domino’s advertising, website or brochures/menu.


Well, I am wondering if PH and D have been quietly shrinking their pizzas to save on food cost in the US…

Of coarse they have!! When I first started at Dominos, they had just shrunk their large from 16" to 15". The next step was down to 14", and it wouldn’t suprise me at all if they were to move to a 13" like WA Dave soon :lol:

Paul. A 13" for Domino’s here would be called their Jumbo :lol:

They wouldn’t have anyone working for them who could handle something that big :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it’s on TV tomorrow night (Monday) on one of the current affairs programs.

I don’t know if they are talking with Indpendent operators or not.

Will probably be Domino’s and EWagle Boys executives spouting the virtues of their own brands and the shortcomings of the others - I can just about picture it now …

D: We had to down size to ensure the lucky customers still get a pizza for $6.95, the best priced pizzas around. We use fresh ingredients and give heaps of toppings. We want families to be able to dine on our pizzas at an affordable price.

EB: Our pizzas are bigger than theirs. We are Australian owned and all money stays here in Australia and not a cent leaves unlike Domio’s who are US owned andprofits return to the US.

D: We heap toppings on and don’t have to advertise “Double your toppings” like Eagle Boys becasue they are stingy with them. And we deliver the longest hours.

EB: You get really good value with our pizzas. You can even eat the box and it tastes the same as our pizza. … You wouldn’t know the difference.

D: Even with our more slightly smaller pizza it’s still great value. You can even eat the box as it tastse the same as our pizza. … You wouldn’t know the difference.

I can see it becoming a advertorial for both outlets and I doubt if any indies owuld be interviewed. I know they haven’t approached me for any comment despite suggesting the story and giving them background information on other rip offs the do.

Keep you posted.



Well the great Pizza Downsizing Ripoff report went to air tonight.

No use guessing what happened - more like and advertorial than a report.

No input from any independents only all talk from Eagle Boys marketing manager on how they are Aussie and the multi-national is ripping off Australians.

The reporter was shown buying each brand and measuring with a measure tape and weighing with Eagle Boys bigger and heavier.

Domino’s refused to be interviewed but sent a statement saying that they have downsized in respnse to Pizza Hut doing so a year ago. Eagle Boys said that Domino’s said they have downsized to recover costs but at the same time releasing press statements that they are experiencing 32% increases in profits this year.

The U Tube video was shown (the wiggling little finger) and Domino’s box inside a Eagle Boys one.

The only thing missing was the reporter handing out free coupons for both companies - that’s how blatantly advertorial it was. It was one of the most gutless reports I’ve ever seen.

Earlier today I emailed the show and asked if they were doing a balanced story by including independents, but also mentioned that as indies don’t have the advertising spending power that the chains have then it would be probable they couldn’t care less what we thought or how we measured up, becaue we don’t advertise with them. How true that turned out to be.

I’ll be contacting the show’s director by phone as give him a real serve.