An update....

Just wanted to give everyone an update on working in the biz rather than on.

Thanks to all of you for knocking some sense back into my head and getting a plan going…I am officially in the office full time. I still have to work 2 nights for now while we finish training a couple of people. But man how nice has this been not to be there during the day.

I am catching up on filing, paying bills and just getting my wits together. It feels so good.

I have my office in our house so I also have gotten some much needed house work done too.

I am working on a more aggressive marketing plan, not to mention finding money all over the place just by having time to find it.

Life is feeling pretty good…almost like I have had a vacation.

Thanks again for your support and advice you guys are the best. :smiley:


That’s great news Kris…funny how sometimes everything just seems to fall in place. All it takes is a place to start right? All the best to you!

Isn’t it great to just say “AHHHHHHHHHhhhh” once in a while!

enjoy it while you can my good friend ,You are perhaps familiiar with murphy’s law