Looking for a little advice. We are going to add anchovies as a topping and start making our Caesar dressing in house. I have never even cooked with anchovies before although I have had them on pizza. What’s the best kind to get? I understand there are cleaned, uncleaned, packed in oil or in salt, and you can even get anchovy paste. How many would you put on a 16" pie? Thanks much!

I no longer carry them, but when we did we did one fillet per slice. We got the can version packed in oil.

I started with 1-pound tins, and did not see enough call for them to have large cans on hand. So I now get the small tins, and plan to use 1 tin per 16" pizza.

Flat anchovies in oil, I also keep them refrigerated, We open a tin when the order comes in, dump them on a plate to let the oil drain off, then place them on top of everything else when building a pie

Tin in oil too, the difference in your dressing will be huge.

Thanks for the info. The Caesar dressing turned out amazing. The anchovies come in salt and oil so we rinsed them, dried them and then chopped them fine. We used to use TMarzetti Royal Caesar which is very good, but house made is hands down better flavor.

And “house made” can be marketed to your advantage…

I like the term “House-Made” or “Made in house” or “Scratch Made”
I’ve always been bothered by things titled that they are “Home Made” at a restaurant,
Then you see Ho-Made used often too. So me being the smartass that I am when I see Ho-Made, I wonder if I can be introduced the “Ho” that made these products.

:smiley: i needed that …