Ancient Chinese Secret

all right i use stan full red fully prepared don’t add anything and my customers say i have changed my sauce that it is sweeter than b4 anyone else have this problem

funny…we use another brand of fully prepared sauce that we like…but now its extra heavy & I’m back to making from scratch…had the rep out…same package…same name…different product…canning error? I’ll never know…

YES! same here I have noticed and even had a call they said our was sweeter and we are using the exact same thing full red stan.

Why not give Stanislaus a call to discuss this with them? Give Steve Rouse (V.P. Marketing) a call at 800-328-8667. Tomatoes are a natural product, and I’m sure that there are some slight changes in the tomatoes from year/crop to year. And I’ll also bet that they bend over backwards to to correct for this and produce a consistently uniform flavored product, but things do happen, and this is something that they should be made aware of.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

i di djust that they are p/u a can through my dist and going to check it out does anyone use the pizzaolio style