And it's no surprise of course....

I’m really trying to laugh with it…but following what was a fantastic December making a really nice 2011, and what is starting out to be a much much stronger January than I had expected, the only natural expectation was to come in this morning to find the pizza table had shucked it’s motor over night!

You have to admit, there is a bit of humor there though. Sick. Dark. Twisted…but still, it’s almost funny.

The store I just purchased in November has been an HVAC nightmare. A reach in broke twice in the first few days and was diagnosed as needing a new evaporator coil. I replaced it instead of fixing it. The pizza prep table is an OLD!!! Dominos model that is so band aided together that I decided to replace it after it broke down twice. I’m waiting for the new one to arrive hopefully this coming week. My walk in cooler has broken down twice, both A/C units have broken down, one of them twice(and is still broken). By my best estimation, all profit left from this million+ dollar store for the first year after paying the financing for the purchase will be going towards new equipment/fixtures. Maybe in the second year I’ll be able to pocket some money from it.

Dang Paul I hope you got a great price on buying the business at least. At least it sounds like sales are solid enough to replace ALL needed equipment and recover and expand from there. May I ask…did the previous owners just pocket all dollars the last few years and let it all go or were there other reasons to sell the place? I have seen many local operations just let it all break and fall apart in the last couple of years because they know of the plan to sell. Pretty crappy business practice! :roll:

chiming in after my first 6 days of my new store…many little hidden surprises even though I was IN the shop a ton over last 6 months. Dont even get me started on the POS. It will rock though. Now to retrain the customers…

You go get 'em Pi Man!!