Anets SDR-42 Dough Sheeter

Does anybody have any history with these machines and are the worth buying

Hi Cheezy;

Perhaps there were others but we believe it was at our instance that Anets developed the SDR 42 Dough Roller. Up to that time Their units were designed for bakery applications and had expensive adjusting parts for bakery use.

The SDR 42 was developed for the pizza industry. We have placed many of them with our clients and have chain accounts that buy them on a regular bases.

Note OSHA does not issue approvals but, to my knowledge, the Anets units are the only ones that meet all OSHA standards. It is impossible to get your hand into the machine to where it could get caught in the rollers. That is not so on some other types.

Maintenance problems and break downs are rarely reported to us.

George Mills

I agree with what George has said, but I would like to add the following; Be aware that the machine just dumps the sheeted dough out of the bottom of the machine, and I do mean the bottom where it is not the easiest to grab the dough as it comes out. The end result is that if the dough is the least bit tacky, it can end up sticking together, making for more work to get it apart. Solution: Watch your dough absorption, if the dough stick as part of the furled blob, reduct the dough absorption by 1 or 2% and everything should work just fine. It’s just one of those quirks of the machine. Plus, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why they put the on/off switch on the opposite side of the machine from where the adjustments are located? There is probably a good reason, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Call me old fashion, but I’d personally still have a push on and an over size push off switch rather than the dinky little rocker switch that they now use. Overall, it is a very good and reliable machine. I can live with it as it is, but If I had my say, these are the things I’d change
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor