Anniversary / Customer apprecaition week

I have done a few customer appreciation days in the past and have had success with them. This time i wanted to see if we could make the increases last longer, so we are tying it in with our 13th anniversary. Aug 18 thru 24 we are running an anniversary special / customer appreciation week. We handed out flyers and box toppers the last 2 weeks. Today and thursday we have a good size ad in the local paper. We are running commercials on 2 radio stations all week and have a live radio remote on thursday 5pm to 7pm.

All of the people that come in this week will get new menus, magnets, and bounceback coupons to get them to order again in the next 3 weeks. I hope to see some real increases in sales this week and will keep you posted as to how we do each day.

I hope all your employees show up ahead of time, sober, well-rested, clean and in clean clothes!
Good Luck and Congratulations on so many years in the business.

Well, day 1 didn’t go exactly as i had desired. Our sales were actually down 10% from last year. Customer coun was up a bit, but due to the specials, we made less $. I am thinking that as opposed to doing a 1 or two day customer appreciation, by going all week, we may not create the sense of urgency to get down and buy pizza right away. Going in for day 2 now… we’ll see how it goes.