anniversary of Hawaii

Just to get the creative promotional juices flowing for ya…

Friday August 21st is the anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state in 1959.

Hawaiian pizza at a special price?
Maybe let the employees where hawaiian shirts?
facebook or twitter “Get lei’d at ____ pizza this weekend!”

Hummm. I can see a pineapple and ham pizza in my near future.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

That is GREAT!!

We recently started a promotion called “Wacky Holidays”. Every month we celebrate obscure holidays (found on the internet). Last month we celebrated “Get to Know your Customers day” and the response from our customers was fantastic. This month we celebrated “National Chocolate Chip Day” and gave away fresh choc chip cookies with every order. Really increased business for a normally slower Monday. Last week we celebrated “International Tell a Joke Day” and had customers coming in and telling us jokes to get in the spirit. We boxtopped funny pizza jokes and on the back of the boxtopper had a special coupon offer or, if they were lucky, a freebie prize (breadstix or dessert). Next month we will celebrate “Talk like a Pirate Day”. It’s our way of having fun with the customers, our staff is having fun because we are doing something different and unique, and having a fun interaction between customers and staff.

Thats the kind of great stuff that really sets you apart from your competition, and doesn’t cost you anything! You become part of the community and a fun part of peoples lives, not just a pizza for $12. That plus great food, great service, strong marketing and pleasant atmosphere all roll together to build a strong foundation of business for years to come.

Houston Pizza;
Neat idea. It would keep your customers attention focused on you…What will they do next??? It also add some variety as well as possibly some entertainment and communication between you and your customers, these are all ingredients for success.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom, you’re from the South 'burbs of Chicago and you’re going to put pineapple on your pizza?! Yuck! :smiley:

Het man! I didn’t say it was my all time favorite topping! But along with one of my island print shirts (acquired on The Pizza Cruise) it will put me into a festive spirit. Make mine with double cheese, ham and pineapple please. On Saturday I’ll go back to my favorite of fresh tomato, sausage, onion, green peppers and mushrooms.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I think maybe to be authentic, we should invest a little in an optional ingredient . . . . SPAM!! They eat an average of 16 tins per capita each year. And, Hormel has a recipe on their website for Spam Hawaiian pizza that calls for pineapple, oinion and green pepper. Maybe a “specialty pizza” for the day, and take leftovers on the trip to Modesto/Satinslaus. … pizza.aspx

Here is a twist that I put on the Hawaiian theme. Start with Kraft Sweet and Sour BBQ sauce add coconut flakes and finish with ham, pineapple, bacon, mozza and cheddar cheeses. I sold it for a couple months and it was quite popular.