Anniversary Special

We are coming up on our 2nd anniversary. Last year we did $5.00 Pizza the whole week of our anniversary. It was crazy!

I don’t know if I want to do that again or not. If I do I might just do it for a couple of nights.

Do any of you have any good ideas for anniversary specials or events?


We had our 1st anniversary a couple weeks ago. We did a one night event where we hired a band, had pizza specials, and introduced three new pizzas. We offered free cake and refreshments. We received some excellent feedback from our customers that attended the event. It was a lot of work, but something we did as sort of a “customer appreciation” type thing.

Next year is our 50 yr anniversary and I also own a car wash next to my shop so I am going to try a promo for 1 month that will include a 50 cent car wash with any order of pizza over $10.00.

Maybe you could find a business around you that you could do something similar with except in your case it would have something to do with the number 2.

Or you could do $2.00 off any pizza. Or how about buy 2 get 1 free. Or maybe buy 2 for $???. Or you could do all these offers, just have a different offer each day so you can see which one is more effective for your next anniversary.

Hope this helps.

Have you heard of Big Dave Ostrander’s Customer Appreciation Night? We’ve done it the last three years, havent this year yet. It’s not for the faint of heart, since you are literally giving away the food. He has a strategy worked out, I’m sure you can find it on his website.

Tom R


I have always been a fan of the 5 dollar pizza and if you had posted last year I am sure I was up there rooting you on. After many discussions on this board, I decided to test the waters and stop. And you know what…it was the best move ever. We were getting slammed to the gill and sales weren’t really all that great overall. You gotta sell alot of 5 dollar pizzas to make a good sales day. We stopped doing any crazy deal like that and ya know what…Our sales on those days are the same and usually more without doing them. Our labor and food are back to normal on those days.

So, as usual the think tankers were right

I would combine a couple of specials like 22.22 or 12.22 etc. Or maybe offer 2 free toppings. I think creating a party atmosphere will get people excited. I love the idea of sampling stuff.

Don’t forget to contact the paper and let them know you are celebrating your anniversary and when it is. Invite them down to enjoy a free pizza.