Anniversary Specials

Hello! This is my very first post. I needed help with some ideas on what some of you have done for anniversary specials. Its our four year anniversary on December 25th and I am completely blank. Going to do a flier and mail it to our customer list (About 1,000 people). I don’t want to give away the house since they already are loyal customers. At the same time I want to try to do something nice since its our anniversary and Christmas. Also any ideas. Please HELP!!!

this is our 6th year i decided to give all diningroom customers free drinks

What about free chz garlic bread when you buy a pizza at regular price…or something like that.

Make sure to do a press release with the paper. We did that this past anniversary and it definately was a good move for exposure.

You also might want to consider direct mailing to NON customers. Not a crazy offer but letting them know it is your anniversary of 4 years.

During your anniversary I would either have comment cards or some kind of “drawing” so you can get more addresses.

Consider some sort of special menu item or something like that. You could make it available that day or week until gone. Make it a pizza with some gormet topping, or a pasta or whatever. We may be doing just this sort of thing for our Anniversary in January. I am considering a shop-made dessert to send to all the customers who order that week; something not huge, but that can be shared . . . .

2 wins: gift to customer, and potential interest in a new product?

I will hit the 5 year mark in January. I am thinking about a $5 12" cheese pizza. The food cost on this will run about 46%. The actual anniversary is on a Monday should I run the special all week or just that day?