Announcing Las Vegas Think Tank Reunion 2016

I have been speaking with PMQ Pizza Magazine about having another Think Tank Reunion while many of us will be in Las Vegas for Pizza Expo. Steve Green and his staff have organized a get together for Tuesday at 6:30 (just after the Beer & Bull). It will be held at the convention center (room to be determined).

If you are planning on going to Pizza Expo please put this on your agenda as a must attend. I selfishly want you to be there so I can meet you. There are many of you who have helped me develope a successful business and I want to thank you in person.

Here’s where you can RSVP! It’s mandatory to attend. So DO IT already!

Bummer… wish I was paying better attention. I just flew home from Vegas yesterday from convention for our other business… would not have been too hard to extend my trip!

Turns out that I was the one who needed to pay better attention! I posted the wrong date initially but now it’s corrected. The reunion is March 8th, coinciding with Pizza Expo.

Ahhh… that I know I can’t make. Oh well.

I was hoping to make it, I even timed our spring break shutdown to coincide with it, but it looks like I am going to be in Las Vegas March 3rd-6th, I do not even know if I will make it to the strip, all I know right now is I am picking up 3 Harleys from the dealership, and riding them to a home overlooking the valley.
Now, if the occasion rises where I can get back out there during the expo too, I hope to meet with many of you.