Anonymous Peer to peer evaluation / Review

Anyone using this type / style of review / evaluation ? If so please could you please share results and forms being used…Anyone using an HR system to track / keep records of feedback with staff ? Being a small operator covering all these bases is complex to say the least… has some we used. It went well and was eye opening. They had to drop the review in a lockbox in our employee bathroom so we didn’t know who it came from. Changes some policies and some employees stepped it up. Definitely worth it.

you think is worth the price.

To be honest I go back and forth. It comes with a subscription to Restaurant Startup and Growth magazine which I have gained a lot of ideas and cost savers from which is nice. I also have downloaded a ton of their files in their library the use use in our restaurant to this day and I am very grateful to have. The discussion forum is not as good as the one here in my opinion but some good insight. All and all with the resources we have gained and downloaded plus the magazine I fell like the subscription is worth it. They also have a ton of webinars but I don’t believe you have to be a member because while informative there’s always a sales pitch attached in some form.

I am intrigued at the newest thing they rolled out and that is a custom training program specifically designed by us for our restaurant that can be split us and customized to our needs and wants. In having this you can even divide by department and one click import videos from their EXTENSIVE list of training videos, plus add your own videos and even create custom quizzes that trainees have to complete and we can check on the progress. It’s obviously an upgraded subscription but a comprehensive training program that is online with videos and training videos has been on in our business plan since we started 19 years ago ab=nd have never developed. If this works as I saw in a webinar then it’s possible for mom and pop shops to have a top notch training program that can rival the big guys which has so many benefits I’m sure we are all aware of.

Long winded answer and a lot of info but yes, I certainly see value in the subscription.


Thanks for the info.