Another day at the office (must see)

Just another day @ the office. I thought the fact school taxes due on friday was a bad thing. now im o-o-b for the time being.

Im sorry for the sideways pics…i got one straight…after today i just don’t have the patience to edit this post anymore. here is a couple of links. … _type=news … pizza-shop


Hope that’s where you intended your new drive-thru to be. Darn bad luck there…here’s hoping all the expensive business insurance is up to date!!

that’s dreadful news, really sorry for you and your team. As said above I hope your insurance coverage is good!

Good luck!

5 or 6 years ago I had a similar situation happen, but the damage wasn’t as severe. Someone was pulling up to the shop and the cast they had on their right ankle got stuck on the gas pedal and they came through the front glass. Fortunately they stopped before they hit my counter or any other equipment. The only damage I had was a few bricks, a large pane of glass, some aluminum, and the aluminum frame and glass for the door. I got lucky and didn’t have to miss any time being open. Good luck, hope you get it fixed quickly.

OUCH! I also am sorry to see that happen to any business. I hope her insurance is good as well. How is your back doing? I see in the news report that the driver of a car she “brushed” against got out and was complaining about back pain…umm… yeah! Are we sure she just did not need a piece of your great pizza and couldn’t wait to park and get out? I think you should spin this into a re-grandopening campaign and sorry for the lack of a better word… roll with it. :idea:

Wow, that’s crazy!

How did the car get turned sideways like that?

Wow! I’m glad nothing happened to anyone(driver claims her back hurt.hmmmmmmmm)

Turn this into a positve with a re-opening media blitz. Specials like…

The crash a go
Everything including the kitchen sink
Free breadstixs for those that park outside
Ketchup with that?

I’m sure others will jump in with some great ideas.


The person in the article who hurt their back wasn’t the driver but someone else

The person who was hit was a bystander outside. I hear she broke her tail bone…I also heard the driver was a drunk woman who was also on drugs. Thats not true…so who and what do you believe?
Either way…trying to get our ish together…I don’t want to rush it…but I also don’t want my customer base to dwindle. We have had an overwhelming response from our customers…everyone is trying to lend a helping hand and can’t wait to see us back and running. My biggest concern is we are about 30% up from last year. I would love to get back in and keep it that way…Did i mention my first 1000 mailers went out 2 weeks ago?..sheeeeezzzzz

You know it has to be the full moon or something. This happened today in my fair city.

Check your insurance policy as well for “loss of business” coverage. We had a walk-in go out last year and had to close for two days because it happened over Labor Day weekend and we couldn’t get anyone to fix it because of the holiday (we lost lots of food). Our insurance company not only reimbursed us for the cost of repairs, the cost of the food we lost, but they also gave us the money that we would have earned those days that we had to be closed. In the end, we only had to pay our deductible of $1000 – which really wasn’t much in the grand scheme of things.