Another Dominos autocheeser on ebay … s=65%3A10|

Not my item, just posting here because I see questions on the think tank asking where to find them.

was watching the 2 videos he has on his listing… i’m guessing that is for Diced cheese, not shredded, correct? And it basically just cascades down through the holes covering the entire pie?

They work with diced cheese, The cup size of cheese you put in determines the density of the cheese so
with a smaller pizza the excess goes over the edge. Also, you can’t just buy one because Domino’s
has the patent.


To my knowledge with patents you can use one if you can get your hands on one. You can even use one if you make your own. You are just unable to sell them, that is more where they get you. Besides if you make your own from the concept but make certain changes you are allowed to sell them if you really feel the need.

This might be useful to get a nice layer of cheese to start with but I personally would fill in certain areas to make a more tasty and appealing pizza. I could see how this would save pie making time, they have a catch tray under the thing. So any lost cheese can be recovered.

and if they break it may be difficult to get parts