Another dough question for the good Doctor

I am making my dough per the video on PMQ’s main website. I follow it to the letter with the exception of using wet yeast. The issue we have is the dough over proofs. I made a batch on Saturday and Monday my daughter told me it was all blown. This is quite a mystery to me as we haven’t had this issue for long but cannot get it right. I made it and put it right into the fridge.

I’m not the Dr. - but, it would seem 3 me your calculations are off - too much yeast &/or H2O temp too high…

post your %'s so the Dr. can review your chart

What are your temps? (final mixed dough temp, walk in temp, etc). Are you cross stacking until your balls cool down?

I was using .5% yeast and reduced it to .25%. I do not have a walk in. I cannot cross stack the dough. The water temp is cold tap watter. I live in the Northeast so the temp is lower than 60 degrees. The finished dough is stored at 38-40 degrees. I make 25 pound batches so I use 1 ounce of wet yeast.