Another PCI breach..

On Thursday I got a letter from my bank that not any of my c/c’s but my Visa debit/atm card was compromised and they were sending a new one but my current was not being cancelled and the new one was 14 days out. After 3 calls they said it was a processor issue and not a vendor and only numbers without name or address, exp dates…etc were exposed. That was the reason for the 14 day for replacement and not instant shut down. I then immediately cancelled the card and new one is to be here in the morn. As a consumer I am getting a bit pissed with this constant crap. :x

wow I got the same thing mike, sucks!

and, this just in!

I went through this 3 years ago when I bought my daughter some hard to find xmas gifts only to find $1 fishing charges on that card the next two statements. It was my call to discover that kind of alerted them to this one. Then within a month it hits the news of a few hundred thousand discover numbers hacked. Ever since then I keep a separate card that is loadable through my credit union and Visa. I can transfer funds into it on an as needed basis and it is only used for internet and non-swiped transactions. It has no overdraft or limit protection and yes can be a pita somnetimes…but gives me consumner protection since it is a Visa card… but the number that is exposed online is not the real account number…so hackers can have it and it will not authorize. All that said…I am still exposed with other cards.,…now my atm also as in this case… it is the damn processors that really seem to be the security risks these days and they just keep raising prices and then screw us all anyway! Lets just bring back CASH!!! :mrgreen:

Hey Rockstar…did yours reference “VISA FRAUD” specifically? Like I posted I had a card shut down in the past… I get the “blocked…please call card issuer” when I travel a lot… but those I understand and respect that they realize my card was used in 3 states while going through airports across the country or a major charge usually out of state… but this one was a first. I really did not like the fact that my credit union has no answers to give at first other than to call Visa. Well…you can call Visa “the company” but you CANNOT! call Visa Fraud Dept. No numbers, emails, address…NOTHING! That really got me going and then the Visa customer service rep…ie: IDIOT! told me it was probably sent since I used my cards recently while out of state. I then asked…“so everytime I get cash from an atm while out of my hometown you will cancel my card?” Yes I asked with LOTS of sarcasm…and he then asked if I had informed all my banks and lending institutions about my travel plans? OK…I AM STILL LAUGHING about that one but also pissed, I was then on a conference call with my bank (credit union), visa, the card processor rep that my bank uses and me. Both the visa rep and processor rep agreed that everyone should inform their banks and creditors about any travel plan outside your area code. Hmmm… I almost lost it but I did not have too…the credit union branch mgr and also the union president or board director…who had since been silently added to this call… they jumped all over the visa rep and their own processor in a way that would have made my words seem nice. Then they asked me to end the conference call and they needed to have some high level converstions with their processor and would call me later. I then informed them I was in MN and not my home state and really wanted them to email an approval of my travel itinerary asap. (NOTE: LOT AND LOTS OF SARCASM TO THEM) Dang…if I was back home in Chicago…I lived within 20 miles of 4-5 area codes…thats a lot of notifying just to go shopping a few burbs over. A later call from my bank informed me about some of the limited details they could get. They had just been notified by “Visa Fraud” that 1175 of their members numbers were in this batch that was hacked. They also said that since only numbers were hacked and no personal info or exp dates were lost…no quick cancels for the cards…just reissue new cards in 2 weeks. I know people hate big brother watching or tracking…but I will take a c/c with my pic on it…uses a thumb print to verify…and a pin needed with the card swipe. Takes extra 10 seconds and only those with something to hide are usully the ones that complain about these security measures. :!:

When I talked to the CC processors and POS companies that were at Pizza Expo about the PIN and CHIP technology being used in Canada they basically said it was something that would never happen in the USA so they were not spending any time on it. Looks like they may have to go that route in the future.

Just an update… I got my new Visa debit card only to then get an email saying the hackers got the Track 2 info with all customer personal data and now have two other credit cards (a Visa and Discover) that were just shut off and I got phone calls about new cards being overnighted today. It just gets bigger and bigger…PITA! :x