Another Pizza place copied my menu design!!!!!

One of my drivers brought me a menu from another pizza place down the road and i just got my new menus re designed and everything and they copied my whole new theme and same images as well… i am so pissed

Makes me wonder if they used the sames graphics designer. If they did, that artist owes somebody a new menu including printing cost. Were they printed at the same place?

DANG! That has to be a knicker-twister. It would steam me pretty well . . . which one of you is going to get the print branding recognition? I really do hate that for you.

Probably not commonplace, but a definite risk you run using large menu design houses.

yes its killing me… i mean it took me since january to design my menu the right way and put everything in order… and now this place somes and copies my stuff!!!


no my designer has been doing this for me for a while and doesnt use the same prinitng company…

You should try looking into copyright laws.

yeah i need to … does that cost alot to get the R on your menu… i am sorry but i dont know nothing about that

I read this earlier and was literally stewing while preparing dinner thinking about it. Who does ghetto business practices such as that?

I searched for you with respect to legal issues and came up empty. I wish I had an answer for you. Perhaps if you work with your printer on a new theme, a disclosure such as " This Design and Theme is owned by Tango Pizza or _________ Corporation. Any duplications of any part or segment must be authorized. It seems a tad tacky but to put so much work into something only to have it copied (and maybe confused as YOUR business) is sickening.


thank you very much

yes after we distrubute our menus that we just had done… i will work on new design and try something else…

Are any of the graphics custom-made for you? If so, did they use any of them? That’s copyright infringement.

I know how you feel.
Our slogan “Your Neighborhood Pizzeria”, was copied by a new pizza place, who doorhung my area with the slogan “Your New Neighborhood Pizzeria”. Then the Italian restaurant accross the street updated their newspaper ads with “Your Neighborhood Italian Restaurant”.

I was upset for a day, then you gotta laugh and move on.

yeah i am cool now… hes an idiot

Have you talked to the guy?

haha he is one of those guys that its not worth talking to … couple times he came by to say hello and one time called and said if one of his employees came to ask for a job at my place to make sure and call him and ask for his permission, believe it or not … i just laughed out loud and said that he was a funny guy…

So this guy i cant even describe him … hes all talk and bs about everything …

Wow, what a tool.

How similar is the menu? Exzact? Ohh it would be so on if thins happened to me.

its similar the back of his flyer looks like my menu inside and some items pictures he has the same