Another punk off the street - thanks Mr. Pizza man! … 39725.html

Next…step right up!

Geez… only shot one thief? I guess 1 out of two isnt bad. .500 batting average. Hopefully thief #2 got the message loud and clear and went back to thiefville and spread the news!

Yep, too bad one was left standing.

I doubt he learned anything though - someone will have another opportunity soon to teach him - again.

Of course, he will be fired. :roll:

I am not pro-gun or anything. I don’t own one. But I have no problem with drivers protecting themselves with one.

There is an “Economics of Crime”. And the economics of robbing delivery drivers are:
[list]1. Low cost of effort: Just call and money is delivered along with something to eat
2. Low risk of getting caught: Because of dollars involved, police do not set up stings or other efforts to target robberies
3. Low risk of personal injury/death: Most delcos prohibit drivers arming themselves.
4. Low penalty if caught: Because of crowded prisons, even if you do get caught, you are not likely to spend much time in prison.[/list]
Easy money.

Gotta increase one or more of those costs to reduce the frequency of robbery. I suspect that #3 above will affect robbery rates of Dominos drivers in that area, if only until the driver is fired.