Another reason to appreciate Veterans on Memorial Day

While not specifically those who gave their lives, it is a huge debt we owe to soldiers gone overseas in WWI and WWII and came back changed people. They went to Italy and experienced a new set of food that they craved and demanded when they came home. They were responsible for the original boom of the pizzeria industry in the US. Not only did they go to war for some good causes . . . they came home and sowed the seeds of the industry that supports all of us (to varying degrees) today.

Salute to them, their families, and those who did not live to return home. Remember them all this coming US Memorial Day.

Thanks Nick, I will be retiring from active duty with 22 years of service and returning to Columbus, GA in 2012. I just joined the forum and hope to open pizzeria there in 2013.(see the thread I started titled “Long Range Planning…”)