another review please

hey guys… as some of you know i have been working on my Brother in laws website… i created one and i asked for reviews, i was very glad that alot of you review it for me and thank you for that… now, i updated it again… and iam very happy with this one… i would like for you guys to check this one out and let me know what you think…

i also just finished making one for another pizza shop, the owner wanted something simple, because all she had before for a website was a scanned version of their take out menu, in this one, she was very happy with the result, like i said she just wanted something simple and thats what i made for her…

thanks in advance…

I commend you on the way you simplified the large menu on the web site
and the use of the posts and replies. the testimonials are a very good form of advertising,

I like this much better!

Way to go!

This looks like a much nicer site. I like that it is easy to read on my huge monitor as well as my 17" one. Easy to see where to navigate. Hours and phone number are in their faces. Pleasant to look at. WELL DONE!

Keep it up, and you’ll be the talk of the marketing rags!

Wow. Much improved over the first one. Nice work.

I would change the black font on the nicks site so it can be read better against that green background

hi everyone… thank you so much for the reviews and comments… yu guys insipired me a lot when I was building this new site, by reading the previews reviews and doing more research… thanks alot…

famouspizza: I know what you mean, the owner told me the colors she wanted to use… I didn’t agree in some of them and I let her know what I though but she wanted her way… and how the saying goes “cant argue with a customer, they should get what they paying for”… she loved the site the way It was, and she wanted nice and simple the way it is… I would’ve love to do more with it and make it more exciting but she loves it like that.

“for such a large menu, it is done well on the web site
If I were only in MA instead of GA so I could visit.”

hey otis, thank you for that nice comment on the comments page in our website. :smiley:

first of all, nice flash based site. It’s really nice that i wont have to load a new page on every click. However, from an art director’s point of view…this site is a mess. black on dark red on top doesnt work, no clear company logo so the name of the company doesnt get through. A lot of the pictures and texts are pixelated. you have to visually allign and box the prices and menu items with indesign (then print screen and use it as one picture). The quality of images are very very poor and completly kill my apetite. I suggest you get good pictures from a pizza picture database. the reflection on the pizza guy isnt working so either take it out or make it better. maybe a light watermark in the background could hold things in place. I didn’t spend a lot of time picking out all your problems but i hope you find this feed back constructive :). Spend a little more time on it and it will look great.

OH OH, also the logo on the pizza man’s shirt is different from the logo on the home page. very important to focus on the image of the pizzaria. I almost get no recognition for company name and logo.

I really like the new site RaymiR! I think the colors look really classy together and I’m a sucker for red backgrounds. They say red makes you hungry.

Anyway you can make that steam coming off the pizza loop faster? It would look cool if it were almost continuous. As it is now people are likely to miss it and it’s a cool effect.

I know you said the owner of the place loves that little guy in the lower right corner, but he seriously creeps me out. I don’t know what it is, but he just looks evil. I’d love to see you change the owner’s mind on that thing. Even if have to keep him you should have a graphic designer remake the image. It really doesn’t look good with those jagged edges.

Nice Work!

Pretty nice. The reflections under the menu clipart are a little much, but the idea is in the right direction. Very Apple.

You can add customer comments, links to yelp and other search sites if your reviews are good. Win any awards?