Another season draws to a close...

Living in a resort town, we have a cycle of business that is more pronounced than most other places… when the tide goes out (tourists and part time residents leave) the beach is dry for a long way out.

We go from a peak of around 25-30K per week at the holidays and typical 10-15K during most of the rest of the winter to a low of 3K while the schools are out for break about 3 weeks from now. Then we go sideways at about 4-5K per week until July.

We trim back hours, get seasonal cleaning done, watch our expenses… and get some time on the river fishing, in the desert biking or maybe play my guitar a little more than usual.

This winter sucked. The economy has really hit hard with a second consecutive decline in visitors. Construction is also down about 80% which is the earning source of a lot of local business. To top it off, we had less snow than any year in recent memory. So far we are at about 220 inches for the season. That may seem like a lot to you, but last year was over 400" and the year before hit 500" (the most ever).

The silver lining? I am ready for a break. A slower pace for a ferw weeks sounds pretty good right now. If I am not going to make any money, some time off would be nice!

Thanks for listening.