another wing question

once thawed how long are wings good for in the refrigerator I am guessing 5 to 7 days

Health department here says 7 days, my companys standard is 7 days. If you have naked hot wings and throw the sauce on after they’re baked you can cook them from frozen. It will take about 15 minutes in a fryer, but that way you won’t have to deal with thawed raw chicken.

I don’t freeze my wings as a general practice (we use fresh), but when we are overstocked at end of week, I will freeze them on trays. Once frozen, just cook them directly from frozen and use the aforementioned 15 minutes for a 6-9 count at 350F.

Raw chicken I would not hold longer than 7 days . . . I prefer 5 . . . in a cooler. Once pre-cooked, they will hold 3 to 5 days. That is really the ticket if you do any volume. You HAVE to parcook the wings and just crisp for 2 to 2.5 minutes to finish the cook at ordering time.

so if i buy fresh wings i can par-cook in the fryer for about 7 min and then keep refrigerated for 3 or 4 days and finish frying for the order

thanks, kel

My health deparment requires a written procedure for handling the chicken in the cooling stage, but it is pretty simple. We do exactly as you mention with the fresh wings . . . 7 minutes at 350F and check internal temp (I’ve never been below 160F. Then I cool in pizza dough boxes on counter cross stacked for about 10 minutes, then transfer to the reefer cross-stacked for 30 minutes until below 65F, then into lided plastic tubs boxes to finish the cooling process.

I tested temps in the tubs in my shop for temp drop over 2 hours, and all fits nicely into published cooling time/temp ranges. It sounds way more complicated than it is. We use slack times early in the week to process wings for the whole week. We have never been caught short, because we replace what we re-fry during slack fryer times each day. Some shops just parfry every day for the day’s load.

LABEL YOUR BOXES so you don’t lose track of which day they are processed.

another thought on wings…SYSCO has a product that we used for yrs…mixes in water and is poured over a bucket of wings for 12 hrs, then drained…kinda like what Popeyes does 2 their chicken…

the end result is it pulls the blood away from the wings, hence they stay fresher longer b4 cooking & take less time 2 par-cook…

its part of their Sunday Skillet program…