Ansul Configuration for Impingement Oven

Hey all,

I wanted to know if anyone had a recommended fire suppression setup for the impingement ovens. We just got our Edge 30s and our ansul guy did a terrible install (mounted to removable parts, nozzles on left and ride side of chamber at different ends) so our baking space is smaller as a result.

I’m pretty sure a nozzle has to be pointed in the chamber at both ends, but what’s the best way to run the plumbing so its not obstructive? I was thinking over the top of the oven than down the front on both sides, with nozzles pointing in on each end of the chamber so they are both on the same side of the oven.

Any recs?

I’d suggest redirecting your question to George Mills.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We recommend clients to contact the local fire Marshall. He is the one who normally has jurisdiction. We have found that different Marshals have different opinions on how the system must be configured…
You should have your Marshall come out and inspect how your system is installed. if not correct he will order your installer to set it right.

George Mills