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I read all the postings, learning alot but i am planning on adding a dine in area with ice cream shop inside also lunch buffet. I dislike delivering alot but that is all we do,p-up and del. Any advice or ideas on setting up the dine in that would help me would be appreciated. It is a small town of 2000 no other dine in within 15 miles. plan on doing hand scooped ice cream. thanks :?: :smiley:

I am one of the closest models here on the 'Tank. We are 2500 town, only pizza place, one of two eating places in town. Next closest dine-in is 12 miles, best commercial strip with lots of choices is 15 miles.

We have delco, and are adding our dining area next Saturday. I suggest deciding the style of service before you start the project . . . quick service order at counter, or full service server at table side. The layout and space for stations will be a little different. We are actually planning eventual full service, but starting out order at counter to get it going.

Check with county health and city about codes regarding number of seats. Our FoodService permit cost goes up if we pass 49 seats. Fire Code changes at 100 seats. Beer and wine are liquid gold for many dine-in operations. Consider applying for a license and planning to sell.

You will also have some new processes to work out in kitchen for plating and expediting the food. How will you prioritize dine-in appetizers, take-out customer waiting, and delivery orders for example. Staging and completing orders at different work stations will need a plan and some coordinating with your staff.

If you have more detailed questions, I can share what has and has not worked for us.

And if you want to buy an 8 dip ice cream cabinet let me know. I’m selling mine for $1000. It’s 9 months old and I don’t even think it has its first scratch yet.


Hey nick, what % of business do you think you will have after your reopening for dinein vs takeout, del? Not planning on selling alcohol,plan on doing the counter order and maybe lunch buffet also buffet a few evenings and sundays.Not sure how big ice cream cabinet will be yet. all ideas appreciated. thanks :smiley: :smiley:

We used to hit around 10% to 15% dine-in at our last location. When we make our marketing campaign next couple of months, we hope to pull in still more from outlying areas. Our goal is to hit closer to 20% as that will mean more real customers. Delivery always runs 45-55% and take out being the rest.

We DO PLAN on selling alcohol, but do not have the pieces for the application all together yet. The first attempt at getting our license at last location was a political game that we chose not to fight in court. We would have won, but it would have been an unpleasant journey for our town. I am on the City Council here, and I found it difficult to get the members who had to vote actually to read the ordinance before getting to the meeting to vote. LOOOOONG story involving churches and three liquor stores in the county (all in our town) owned by the mayor and a council woman at the time.

It should be different this time. I am willing to go to court to force the issue and take whatever comes of it.

Gee Nick politics at my our council table are no where near as much fun as your’s sounds…lol…As far as the restaurnat liquor is a must…Your table turns could stay the same but your average check should go way up…Good luck…RCS…

For our small town it is hard enough to keep sober people happy must less someone drinking. Right now our del. is only about 25% the rest is p-ups.Do you like the buffet idea? Any thoughts. Does anyone sell very much scooped ice cream,ideas.

I have sort of a buffet and there is alot of food waste…

Here’s some links to some previous threads with good discussions about buffets and that business model: … ght=buffet (long thread, good info) … ght=buffet

Thanks for all the info, it is helpful,but keep the ideas coming.thanks :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: