Any ChowNow users?

We are thinking about adding ChowNow as we are just starting to do deliveries. We are thinking about using them and then entering the info into our Square POS. We are a small pizza/pool bar. Anyone have any experience with them and if so, what do you think of them?


This setup will work fine to start out and will definitely save some money, but once you get busier you will want 2 things…integration and a driver dispatch module.

When I started online ordering last year I actually started out with this type of setup of receiving the online order on a tablet (not with chownow, but same type of company) and then entering the order into the POS system. In just a few months we got to a point where I would have to schedule an extra person on Friday and Saturday nights to just sit in the back and enter in online orders all night. Half of the reason online ordering is so great is because you don’t have to enter anything in the system. It’s very time consuming and there also tends to be a lot of mistakes this way. With delivering, I would say once you get to the point of having about 3 drivers at a time, you will need some type of dispatching module to keep track of everything.

So just keep these things in mind. If you expect to grow quickly, you may want to consider purchasing a POS system that can do these things rather than having to make a switch down the road.

@kokomospalencia[/USER] I completely agree with [USER=15667]@Mondo - during weekends getting orders into Square or for that matter another PoS systems becomes an issue. That is why we focus on PoS integrations and our product, FoodKonnekt, is in the final phase of integrating with Square (we have integrations with other PoS systems as well). If interested I can arrange for a demo of our product.

One thing im sorry we joined chownow. Their loyalty program the customer has to buy into. Yes they pay forward and then get discounts. I think that’s the dumbest program. Not Happy.