Any experience and/or opinion on Comtrex POS

Have seen this system @ Pepe’s in New Haven upon visiting the landmark pizzeria in Conn.

I was in Pepe’s Pizza 2 weeks before we took over our current shop.

I have a comtrex system that we put into place over 6 years ago.
I believe the system was originally designed for sit down restaurants—but it has adapted to pizza delivery type businesses.

The pros are you can program anything with any type of modifiers you may need for it. They’re are tons of reports you can utilize. I am computer stupid, but I have learned to add and change menu items, change prices and do other menu maintenance stuff that needs to be done.

The cons, the actual delivery look up screen.

If you have a sit down restaurant or a menu where pizza is not your only item it would be worth looking into, in my opinon.

I don’t know everything about this program, and I’m computer stupid, but if you have any specific questions about the system I’ll do my best to answer them.