Any Experience with Cook&Hold Oven for Non-Pizza Items?

Had another one of those nightmare Fridays nights and thinking of ways that might help make us more efficient. Our waits for non-pizza items is the issue. We have streamlined the menu already and increased prices. Space is tight to add more labor so I was thinking of a countertop cook&hold oven so that we can prep grilled chicken, etc…anybody use one of these before I splurge? Not attending expo this year‍♂️

we have this exact problem, wanted a countertop food warmer but have no room. Everyday before lunch and dinner we precook grilled chicken and steak tips for subs and salads.

before Friday lunch we precook 25lbs of grilled Chicken we actually need 35lbs for lunch but I don’t want to over do it. We keep it in 1/3 pans when ordered it goes back on the grill it gets cut in strips and covered with a lid and a squirt of water to heat up for 30 seconds.

We do the same for dinner rush its a life saver.

This is what we do too