Any Experience with Order Inn

I received several phone calls from a guy claiming to want to set up an account with me to provide food for local hotels. He said he works for the hotel chain and wants to set up accounts so that people who stay at the hotel can order and I can bill the hotel. The number on the ID comes up as Order Inn. He’s very persistent and he always seems to call when I’m not in. Anyone ever heard of this company?

Yes we’ve used them twice now. They try to rope you in, for a trial period, kind of like door dash but with hotels, then after a month or so, they start angling for a percentage. We only ever got maybe 1 or 2 orders a day if that. We decided it wasn’t worth it. Just market to the people at the front lobby at the hotels in your area. Those are the gate keepers for the hotels. You might miss some hotels because order inn has marketing in the hotels but it’s not exclusive. Good luck.

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