Any help on this?

I am working on a new recipe/vision of mine. Can I have some pros, cons, help, experiences, tips, short cuts, magical dust?? Please.

I want to incorporate a stuffed ‘rim’ on a pizza. I want to stuff a sausage or hot dog into the crust.

Par baking the meat? Overlapping the dough? Etc.

Guidance please. Thanks!!;topic=54821.0;attach=346091;image stuff2.jpg (34.02 kB, 600x315);topic=54821.0;attach=346092;image

That’s one of the things we used to do during our annual pizza seminar when I was at the AIB (prior to my retirement).
Actually, its pretty easy to do, yes you do need to use pre-cooked meat. The pepperoni was a very popular one that we made using ground pepperoni. If you would like to discuss in detail please feel free to contact me directly at 785-537-1037. Be sure to email me letting me know when you are planning to call so I can be at my desk to take your call.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for your time, lots to think about and lots to implement in the correct way or should I say, the way that will hopefully work well. Thanks again, Glen.