Any ideas for "tomato pie"

I am thinking about adding “tomato pie” to my farmer’s market stand. I was thinking I could just wrap in cellophane to go. I don’t think this would need to be refrigerated after baking. I am using the NY style Lehmann recipe and have used that for cheesy bread sticks, garlic knots, braided 3 cheese sticks and cinnamon twists. It works out well for all these items. Would I just use my standard recipe for sauce, just leave the dough thicker and then bake? Maybe I could use a few basil leaves to top.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

With access to all those great fresh vegetables, what about making Moussaka! Or do you want to stick with a pizza theme?

Another suggestion then: I can’t sell it in my store because I don’t have a separate station for serving raw veggies (Also, delivering the thing would be a mess - but wrapping it in cellophane could make it feasible), but I make a “garden round” for myself every now and then.

Bake a pizza crust and set it aside to cool down to where it can be handled. Add a layer of Ranch dressing and top with fresh veggies - I usually start with spinach and add at least sliced onions, tomatoes and black olives. Then slice it like it’s a pizza and serve. No need for cheese… maybe a sprinkle of shredded cheddar if you’re in the mood.

The warm crust combined with cold, crisp veggies is a unique experience. I know it would be even better with heirloom tomatoes! I think I’m gonna go fix one for lunch today.

Thanks for the idea of the ranch dressing and fresh vegetables. That sounds great, but doesn’t the crust get soggy if you bake the crust first, then add the ranch and vegetables?
The moussaka sounds great too, but we already have a Greek stand that sells all kinds of Greek food and pastries.
Thanks for your ideas.

Norma, Im in Utica, Where tomato pie originated… What we do is we let the dough sit out for about a hr form it in the tray, let it rise for a hr. Take some sauce water it down and put some on lightly and cook the shell for about 15 minutes at 450. Take it out put your sauce on it, cook for another 5-10 minutes, take it out coat it with Parmisan cheese and your all set…

As for sauce, no its not the same as pizza sauce, its actually a little chunkier and thicker. Google Utica Tomato Pie and you will find a recipe…

If I follow the ‘taditional’ concept, dough is stretched into a rectangle . . . would that be a half sheet pan? How much dough is a good shot? I use 9oz, 13oz and 23oz doughballs. The recipe I saw suggested 16oz stretched into a cookie sheet pan (no size given). I could use a 23 and a 9 to make two of these . . . put in a half sheet pan and go from there. Would that give me the correct thickness?

Share the word about the orthodoxy of serving sizes, variants and the culture of this phenomenon. It is a sub-species of pizza that could go over well with lactose intallerant folks!

Seems there’s even a facebook page for Tomato Pie: … =528041563

Italy2003gt and NicksPizza,
Thank you both for all the information. I really enjoyed finding out about where the tomato pie originated. Thanks for telling me how to make tomato pie. The information on facebook was very good, too. I use a half pan for my cheesy breadsticks. Is that what to use? I make a dough for a 16" pizza and will try that on the half pan.
I haven’t tried tomato pie, but will research some more and then try to make the tomato pie.
Thanks to all,

Just re-read the article in a recent pizza magazine not named PMQ, and found tomato pie strongly resembles classic, old school sicilian pizza as described by Pat Bruno. Go figure.