Any ideas to stop radiant heat?

Quick question, is there a way to stop radiant heat? Our cheese bin is the closest to the ovens and the bin retains a lot of moisture/condensation from the heat. Any ideas? None of the other bins shows any affect from the ovens. You can’t physically feel any heat with your hand or anything. I made sure the inside isn’t being blocked or anything by any other containers for easy flow air and everything seems to be in perfect working order.

Heres a pic to show what it looks like:

Any help would be great!

Thanks guys.

I had a simular problem, I had something that was getting radiant heat from my oven I went to lowes and got this 4 by 8 sheet of insualted board (it has reflective foil on both sides) I got some aluminum tape so when i cut it to size I didnt have any insulation exposed. then i just used a few l barckets to hold in place and viola problem was solved under 20.00

Awesome idea! Got a new project for tommorrow! 8)

Where’d you attach it with the L brackets? Bolted to oven or make table or somwhere else?

Could you move cheese to other end and start pizza from left to right? that struck me in the picture. I would cheese and sauce on the left and work towards the oven.

We do work towards the oven, the skin starts out on the left, and toppings, then cheese, then oven. I thought of that too, but it would totally mess up our flow.

Cheese on top of toppings?!

You’ve got it backwards! :stuck_out_tongue:

neither, I attached one side of the L bracket to the wall and the other to the insulated board so that it sticks out blocking the heat

Never understood that either but PJ and the other big boxes put the cheese on top too. Does not make sense to me especially the veggies.

It is a preference that is widespread and in my opinion the CORRECT way to make the best pizza :slight_smile: