Any ideas?

We bought a building and are currently remodeling it. We got a great deal on the building but as we are finding out it was not well taken care of.
Anyway, there is a walkin in cooler and a walk in freezer. VERY SMALL inside but huge and bulky outside. Takes up lots of space but doesn’t offer much storage. The walls behind the walkins need to be replaced (mold and water damage) The electrical is frightening. They are in really poor shape. The floors feel like you will fall through.

We are thinking about taking them out and buying a couple of true coolers and freezers instead of new walk ins. Are we missing something? Any thoughts on why this is not a good idea?

Any thoughts would be helpful.

GET A WALK-IN COOLER! try stacking cases of cheese and buckets of sauce in a soda cooler…not fun!
If you are gonna be doing any business you need it…when I built my new place I over sized mine only to find 2 years later I am maxed out (mine is 8’ x 16’)
Just make sure you get remote compressors outside the shop to operate more efficiently and get the walkins without the floor.

Yeah, I have to agree with Perry. A Reach-In won’t get the job done unless you are a going to have a VERY small operation. Remember that you’ll have to store at least 1 week’s worth of product in the cooler. Plus, in dollars per cubic feet of storage space a walk-in is much more cost effective.

I also agree with getting a remote unit. Ours is self contained and it adds a lot of heat to our kitchen.

Superior products offer a complete 8X8 walkin from Leer for about 4K
I would just opt for a stand up freezer.

I am with the crowd on this one as well! In addition to all the great points the others made, you would be able to serve keg beer right out of there as well if you have enough room. I wish you the best of luck with your remodel and business.