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I want to know if there is a special tool like pliers that you can use to take pizza that are on screens out of the oven. These are flat screens. I can’t use the peel because of space issue. Currently I am using tongs and it is very unstable…sometimes I’ve dropped it on the floor. So I want to know if there is a special tool available to grip flat screens?

I don’t understand why you could not use a peel.

here are some small peels and cutting boards you might try … pizza+peel … pizza+peel

they ship cod and are pretty quck

I got nothing earth shattering to suggest other than a 24" to 30" long peel. Heck, get one and cut down the handle until it is short enough. Two pair of tongs might work, but I gotta think that you have enough room for a short peel . . . even just the aluminum part without a wooden handle insert.

This is what the employees use at one of my stores. They have plenty of room… they are just all completely insane.

will someting like this work?
if you turn it upside down, the gripping part looks like its pretty flat.

good luck.

It could work with pan grippers. Use hot-gloves . . . the ceiling of that oven gonna be awfully hot. 500F metal and flesh means “cooking”.

Aren’t the tongs hard to work with when you have to reach over the front pizzas to remove a pizza in the back of the oven? Or, maybe you’re using an air impingement oven? In any case, go to <> they have just what you are looking for, it is a pair of tongs that has a larger, flat base and a smaller top, just prefect for grabbing screens.
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Maybe the folks over at HowIGripp can help you. Check out what they’ve got at
Good luck!

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