Any of you along I-78 in New Jersey or Pennsyvania?

I’m going to be driving from NY to the Allentown area of PA tommorow and am looking for a place to stop for lunch. Any of the Think Tankers along this route?

I’m south on Garden State Parkway , near Atlantic City.
What :cry:

I wish I had seen your post earlier. I lived in Allentown for about 8 months. It was about 7 months more than I wanted to be there.

I used to work for a place called Woody’s Pizza. The owner had four locations at that time throughout the city. It was basically a beer distributor/bar that sold pizza.

Anywhoooo, if I had seen your post earlier I would have suggested Carrabba’s Italian Grill. It’s one of my favorite places to eat and was the only thing good in Allentown besides their Wegman’s Grocery Store. … &langId=-1

I’m actually in Pottsville, a bit past Allentown for another day. Had a good recommendation for a place for a Philly cheese steak which I miss so much since I moved from New Jersey.

If you’re still in the area, try Paese Mio on 6561 Tilghman St. See the owner Marco (Mike). Great food. Umm…Td VP I’m glad to know that such a lame brain moved out of our area…Carraba’s , Wegmans ??? commom… The only place for a the real dea cheesesteak is South Philly…not off 78 !