Any of you opening on Thanksgiving?

I had two customers ask me today if I’m opening on Thanksgiving day. I thought to myself, “Are you crazy?!”

One of them told me that it was kind of their family tradition to eat the “big supper” like at 2PM and then order pizza around 8PM.

Just curious if anyone opens that day and what kind of sales do they usually do (% of normal Thursday).

I open every thanksgiving and generally do about half the sales of a normal Thursday. We don’t open till 5pm and really don’t get busy till 8pm. From 8 till midnite we are generally as busy as a normal Thursday during these hours.

NO. Waste of time, take the day off. Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, I’m not opening. I was just wondering if any of you are. I’m glad to give up a couple of hundred in sales to give me and my staff a break. :smiley: Happy Thanksgiving!

We don’t open either. Actually, the Wed. before we usually get a bump in sales, so being closed on Thanksgiving doesn’t hurt the bottom line much.

Tom R

Last year we were not open, but this year, we’ll be open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., but only to carryout customers…NO delivery.

No we are closed taking the day off to think about what to do next. Happy Thanxgiving everyone.

Taking the day off here also. Family day and a day that I can let my mind be almost 100% away from the shops.

one of my 2 days off NOWAY

We won’t be open for Thanksgiving. It’s one of our 4 days off a year!! Have a great turkey day everyone.

No way. We’d rather have happy employees (and S.O.'s) than be open and hope people want pizza after pigging out all day…