Any Point Of Success report wizards here?

I posted this on POSRoundtable too, but I thought I would try here as well since it’s more heavily visited…

I’m trying to create a report that tells me how many half toppings we sell. I’m attempting to do this by analyzing the “Receipt Description” in the OrderItems table and determining if it starts with “H1” or “H2”

The problem I’m running into is the indent before the child items. Doing a space or tab doesn’t work… anybody know how I need to do the syntax to account for that indent?


you might try having it do a search using “In list” and put H1,H2 in the box to search for…

Thanks stebby!

Unfortunately that didn’t work - it didn’t pull any records in the query.

I just got it working by finding the TrimLeft function, which takes a string and returns a string without any leading spaces. It ended up looking like this:

if (Copy(TrimLeft(OrderItems[‘Receipt Description’]),1,2) = ‘H1’)
or (Copy(TrimLeft(OrderItems[‘Receipt Description’]),1,2) = ‘H2’)
then value := value + 1;