Any Recipe for Focaccia?

I am thinking about making focaccia. I wondered if any members are will to share what kind of recipe they have tried?
Thanks, Norma

A buddy of mine makes an awesome anchovie focaccia. I studied it and came up with a simple version that is almost as good, and super easy to make. One of my suppliers has a prepared anchovie sauce that I mix half and half with extra v…irgin olive oil. I make a normal pizza dough, squirt enough to cover the top, spread it with a spoodle, give it an 'herb sprinkle, and cook.

I couldn’t find an equivalent anchovie sauce product in the US, butthis recipeis close enough. Mix that up and add 1 part olive oil to 1 part sauce.

By ‘herb sprinkle’, I mean basically any herb/salt blend. Spice packs commonly used in sauce prep are perfect. Or something like this[/url]or[url=]this.

(ps I suppose I can see why v…irgin might be censored, but why??)

Thank you for the recipe. It sounds delicious. I will let you know when I get to try it.
I know some words you just can put on here. It is all funny.

Take a small dough ball, set it in an oiled small pan so the dough ball fills the bottom of the pan. Dock it with your fingers. Drizzle evoo on top, so it pools in your finger marks. top with extra, extra parmesan, a little oregano and a light sprinke of sea salt, and top with a few red onion slices. BAM!!!

Napoli Pizza,
Thank you for the recipe. It sounds great. I will give it a try. Do you cook the onions before putting them on?

Take a look in the RECIPE BANK for my dep-dish pizza dough formula. Use scaling weights of 16-ounces and 21.75-ounces for 12 and 14-inch Focaccias respectively. Sheet or pin the dough out after managing it through the cooler for 16 to 36-hours (this helps withthe flavor). Put the formed dough into a dark colored, deep-dish pan liberally oiled with salad oil. Set aside to proof/rise for 45 to 74-minutes, depending upon how thick you want the finished Focaccia to be. I like mine at least a full inch thick. After proofing, brush lightly with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, drop on a few rings of black olive, and then sprinkle on a little shredded Parmesan cheese, bake in a deck oven with a screen under the pan at 425 to 450F until lightly browned or in an air impingement oven at 425F until lightly browned. Depan immediately after baking.
Cut into strips about an inch wide for bread sticks, or cut into wedges for dipping bread, or cut into quarters, then in half (horizontally) for making Pannini. Or, as Grandma Lasagna used to do, top it with fresh tomato or diced tomato just before putting it into the oven for making tomato pie.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you for the information and where to find the recipe for making focaccia. I will try it within the next few weeks. Sounds great. Is there any special kind of flour that you recommend? I am now using All Trumps which is too high I think for the focaccia.

In the creative end, there is no limit on what you do. I experimented quite a bit with pans different dough recipes and toppings. There are many more superior focaccias out there to the one I mentioned earlier, and when I do it at home it is a completely different story. I almost didn’t add it to my menu at first because of all the (imagined) extra work associated with it.

If you are thinking about adding it to your menu, keep in mind that while experimentation is fine (and delicious) you want an operationally sound product as well. That is why, when I had my shop, I just went with my normal dough. I forgot to mention not to slap it out to the normal diameter. You want to make a smaller/thicker skin, and as Napoli mentioned, dock it with your fingers so the anchovie mix pools for a good looking end product.

It probably is a bit on the strong side for making Focaccia. Since All Trumps is a Generaql Mills flour, a good General Mills flour for Focaccia will have about 12% protein, so Full Strength or Superlative will fill that bill quite well.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Pizzamancer, Napoli Pizza and Tom,
I will try experimenting with all your ideas. Thanks for all the input.