Any Substitute for boxes?

Hi Guys and Girls I was wondering if you can help me? We have a location that orders approx 125 pizzas a week(4 to 6 at a time,25 trips) from us and is 7 minutes drive time away. I am wondering if there is a product out there that can be used to transfer the pizzas other than a 40 cent box that is thrown out as soon as the pizza is transfered to a tray. Thank You

I pay 11.99 for 50 boxes from Roma, maybe shop a bit for different boxes? But I’m almost 100% sure I saw a thinner plastic version either in PMQ mag or in the forums somewhere. I just did a quick search and couldn’t find them on-line. For some reason I remember seeing them, try searching a bit on Google. Good luck man.


How about going back to the old days of corrugated circles and bags.

I assume you contacted your vendor and asked what they may have? I once had a similiar situation, and my vendor had several cases of an odd size from a place that went under. They worked for my purpose, and let me have them super cheap. Don’t think he ever thought he would get rid of them. I think i got them for $10 per case of 50.

Here is the link to a plastic container I waas never able to get pricing for it. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8066

How about putting wax paper in the box and when you deliver them slide them onto tray and bring the boxes back

Here is a link to a company that has reusable boxes. They are washable and quite pricey but they may make sense for you if you plan to use them several times a week every week.

There was a short article in this months PMQ about reusable boxes…Page 15…The supplier is in the link above…

Being from Chicago, for many years we didn’t even know what a pizza box was. All of our pick-up and delivered pizzas were placed in a bag. Then came the big chain stores, and boxes became the order of the day. They used to place the pizza into the bag and fold the open end down and staple it closed. The receipt was either stapled onto the bag or taped onto it. I’m not so sure about using staples today, but tape would work just fine for closing the bag. I’m betting that bags might be a tad cheaper than boxes, and require a lot less storage space to boot.
Another exerp from my life growing up in the “Windy City”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have the same situation with a large ballpark around the corner from me.

Here is what we do

We cut the pizzas and put them back in the metal pans, put lids on the pans and deliver like that. We pick up the old pans on the next delivery and so on.

Tom… That’s funny about the bags… that’s all I remember growing up in Chicago also. Pizza on a cardboard circle and a bag with the staples in it. I agree with the staple concern but hey it worked for decades up there… Were the bags just a midwest thing? I do not ever remember running into them elsewhere. I do remember it made picking up 3 pizzas a trick to say the least! :shock:

Evidently Pizza Hut used bags at one time

As far a staples, Chinese places still use staples to close their bags.


Rick that was hilarious… and everyone drove a ford or a VW back in the 60’s… at least for PH ads. That was good. Staples are tricky… Chinese you have them on the bag but not in direct contact with the food as you could more potentially have with bags these days. There is a pizza chain here that uses an adhesive strip to seal their breadsticks in bags…that might work. Kind of a funny side story about staples or clips… my family business that we started in mid 1980’s was producing soups and sauces for restaurants in boil and serve bags. They were Cryovac bags filled and clipped. We had to load the clipping machines with strips of 100 clips then bag 100 bags and make sure all 100 clips were accounted for. It was a major pain in the butt!. That’s one reason my father worked with Cryovac to develope a multi-stage on-pack machine for liquid products that would heat form and seal a bag around the product as it went into it. WIth strick regulations and the fear of employee or outside contamination or attack… clips had to go as all of our product now went through metal detectors after production runs. Also a safety issue when you have 1000 gal kettles that use aggetators with arms that have dozens of ss nuts holding scrapers on that have to be accounted for after each run. If one falls off…you want to find the one bag of “bad” product to pull off the line…not dump 1000 gallons into the dumpsters. In the early days…it happened. Those were bad days.

I’m wondering if anyone knows where to purchase the cardboard circles. I know Brickfire pizza is serving there pizza on cardboard circles and I want to do the same. Thanks

Try Bocks Board Packaging at <>.
Also be sure to check with your local distributors.
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