Any Suggestions on mobile ordering for Pizzeria?

I’m looking for a great online (Mobile and Tablet based) ordering engine. We’ve looked at menufy, chownow and many more, but not really finding what we are looking for. We really want something that is capable of allowing us to put our own pictures and be interactive. Revention is just way expensive and we do not need a whole new pos system… any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Honestly if it does not tie into your POS, then it is not worth it. And yes i would recommend anything but Revention. Even if changing your POS is the only option, it is what you will need to do.

I would suggest Gloria Foods for a really easy facebook integrated online ordering system.

Thanks for basically stating the case for us. We integrate directly with several POS systems, providing you the improved customer experience, but with operational efficiency of integration. Learn more at

Please provide a list for us.

Sure. Here you go:
Micros 3700, including Simphony, Positouch, Aloha, Dinerware, and Infogenesis.

I second Gloria Foods.
We have been using it for 1.5 years and very happy with it.
Did i mention it is FREE. No monthly fee’s or contracts for its UI.
We just keep a tablet next to POS system and when it rings we input the order
on the spot in the POS. Just like you would by phone order.
Integrates to websites and facebook for orders.

Any decent service can integrate with those systems. Just takes using a 3rd party api.

Just be forewarned, not all POSs listed support all functionality. The 3rd party api charges like an extra $30 per month. And most importantly, the POS will usually charge a hefty license fee as well.