Any tips for calibrating conveyor speed?

Having a rough time getting to time and temp that leaves the bottom thoroughly cooked without scortching the edges. We’ve had decent luck by just slightly under cooking, then putting in the conventional oven for like 1 min to brown the crust better. Just feel like that’s a bit clunky during peak rush. Any tips welcome.

Someone will likely ask you what model you are using and what finger configuration(s) you have tried. Some ovens come with fingers that can be adjusted about for modifying cook character.

all the conveyors I have seen have a control for time and temperature.
I timed my pizza through the oven to verify the calibration and it was pretty close.
What oven are yo using?


As I stated in a previous topic, we are using a terrible little chinese thing called an HXR-2 infrared gas pizza oven from Zhi Chen ltd I beleive. After almost a grad school project to get it into it’s designed configuration, (had blown motor controller at first), I’ve been having this issue where the leading edge of the pizza is getting very dark, but the trailing edge is a little pale. This oven has no fingers, it has 3 heating elements in fixed locations. It runs at a drastically lower temperature than I am accustomed to in a conveyor style oven. Right now, I’ve got it set to about 5:40 seconds and running at 342 degrees. I was shocked that the leading edge would still almost burn at such a low temperature and time. I’ve used Middleby Marshall’s for years in a franchise store, this is our interim oven for the independent company we dove into a little too headfirst. I assume no one in there right mind uses this oven, so I’m really just looking for general tips on how much you vary it each time to calibrate an oven you’re not familiar with, or if maybe a different screen/pan would help.