Any way to make my cheese stringier?

I’m toying with some new WM/PS Mozz that I really like instead of my Grande Mozz/Provo mix. I like the look, taste and PRICE much more than the Grande. The only thing is it doesn’t stay melted quite the way I would like, I don’t really know what the term for it is. But, seems to set up a little faster than I’d like, it’s only really an issue on my supreme though.

Are you placing the toppings on top or underneath?

I think pizza2007 hit it. If it only happens on a loaded pizza then it has to be the cook time.

Try cooking the pizza with a couple toppings, pull out of oven half way done and top the other toppings.


I didn’t think about that being a factor, but I put the cheese on top of everything. I wasn’t sure if I could mix a little provo or some other trick get get the desired effect.