Anybody ever dropped delivery service?

Just wondering if anyone out there has quit offering delivery at any point. I could probably write a novel on why I am considering stopping, and Im sure many other operators at some point have the same problems/frustrations offering delivery. Without making the post to long winded, what kind of percentage of delivery customers were you able to convert to carryout customers?

I dream about dropping delivery every minute of every day…ahhh…I just do not have the Dough balls to do it! let me know how you do it, if you figure it out!

Michael Shepherd of Michael Angelo’s discussed eliminating delivery at the SOFO food show in his presentation. I missed it but the wife said he was very convincing. I googled around but could not find it. Maybe you could contact him. I have emailed him before with questions and he was very prompt and informative with his replies.


it would be the solution to all my problems.

I was curious after reading the original post and wanted to read more. I found an article in which this Michael Shepherd was quoted regarding the food delivery business, not the whole story but some interesting tidbits. Almost at the bottom of the page. … n55545583/

Great article LittleMissPizza.

It’s all going to be down to your location and competitors, if it’s not easy to pick up for many customers, you may lose a lot and if you have a lot of competitors offering a more convienient way to purchase then you may suffer again.

I would love to remove delivery but there is too much competition and convienence wins sales. We are pushing carryout a lot more to create a better balance, and all deliveries are on high margin orders. Customers who want the convienence should and will pay a higher price.

We are also toying with the idea of deliveries on key nights only, such as Friday and Saturday and collection for the rest of the week (We will try this once we have got enough carryout). This would greatly reduce our labor costs.

Although deliveries are a headache, every business has it’s haedache. You remove deliveries you will get another headache elsewhere, it’s about finding that balance.

That is a decent idea (Friday & Sat deliveries only), that could go over nicely. If I had to make a guess, I would say that 70-75% of the deliveries we make, we are the only company that will deliver to those houses. I also understand that if I make those customers make the drive to pick something up, I am not guaranteed they are coming to me. I just wanted to get some different opinions, and see what some other operators thought. We are planning on doing some better tracking of carryout/delivery percentages (No POS) over the next 6-8 months, and then probably make a decision from there.