anybody ever get behind on payroll taxes?

was wondering if this ever happened how did you get it straight with the irs

No, never happened to me but I have seen other businesses go through it. I don’t recommend it.

Solution: Go borrow the money you owe and pay it immediately.

The IRS will come after everything. The only thing that will close you down faster is not paying your local sales taxes.

Yeah, happened to us once. We are with Bodegahwy . . . the Feds are serious, and will take big action. Even your food vendor will be more patient than the Feds. Pay them.

send in what you owe… if your already late, send it anyway… usually in a couple months you’ll get your fine for filing late. At least this was my experience.

As we all know, in this day and time…CASH IS KING. Cashflow is everything. I personally use an employee leasing company. I give a check a week for all taxes and wages. I am not having to keep up with deadlines and having the money in the account every quarter.
Not everyone wants to do this, but for about $35./week, admin fee, I have no worries.
You never want to get on the bad side of the local or federal or state.

yeah we use a payroll company as well, thats one place I dont want to go…